REVIENS… – Press Release

For Immediate Release: March 2014
For More Information Contact: Red Young Productions, 512.916.1120
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Silvie Rider-Young’s New Album: “REVIENS..Arab Spring”

Austin, U.S.A. – Swiss-American Singer and Songwriter Silvie Rider-Young proudly releases a follow up Album to her 2010 American debut album,” Je Te Connais”. REVIENS…Arab Spring is a collection of songs that exhibits Rider-Young’s passion for singing, playing & writing music and lyrics that are both entertaining and personal and intimate, expressing the ‘inner – and outer ‘ experiences of Life and Love.
Silvie has an interest in all music genres and styles, but especially enjoys combining European and French songs, Classical and Contemporary Music including Songs out of the Great American Songbook she adores.

The inspiration for this album came in June of 2012, when Silvie was asked to perform an Edith Piaf Tribute, hosted by KUT “Vews&Brews” at Café Cactus University Campus.The Album includes five of Piafs greatest Songs, two classical pieces , four Originals and favoured Jazz Tunes with the joy and fun of improvising and “Music talk” together with the great players,be it “live’at a Concert or on this Album. Silvie’s desire to continue to grow as a musician and Artist radiates through every of the fifteen song.

“Music gives me the opportunity to use everything- as is in Potential: Spirit, Body,Intellect, Heart and Soul to communicate with the Audience.” Rider-Young says.
With the merger of cultures and music styles Silvie hopes to bring some French and European flavour to her new Homeland.

6000 Miles Away is a Duet sung by Silvie and Red Young and was written for her now husband.The two met in Munich in 2006 while Young was touring with Eric Burdon.
Red invited Silvie to a rehearsal before she left the next day for the South of France. While in France, Silvie wrote 6000 Miles. A year later the musical collaboration and the Love for each other led to marriage,and a move for Silvie from Munich to Austin where
They are now based travelling and performing on both sides of the Ocean.

Beautiful Love expresses the joy of musical and improvisional Jazz Conversations.

Hymne A L’Amour. Padam, No Regrets, MyLord, La Vie en Roses are a Tribute to ‘la belle France’ and especially to Edith Piaf.

Arab Spring is a classical composition that Silvie wrote in 2012, dedicated to Malala Yousafzai, the then sixteen-year-old Pakistani girl who was brutally hurt by the Taliban for standing up for Women’s Education. As a former School teacher and an advocate for education,” Music often expresses more than words” Rider-Young proclaims.

REVIENS was recorded in Los Angeles at Ricky Hirsch’s studio. Ricky, a long-time friend of her husband, played his composition on his guitar as Silvie and Red were visiting,.The Song touched & inspired Rider-Young to write French lyrics to it and as a result,sing the Song which translates in English as in “come back please”!

Smile is dedicated to Silvie’s Parents in Switzerland with Love and Gratitude. Her Papa plays Music greatly himself and is a fond Admirer of the Composer of the Song,Charlie Chaplin,who lived twenty years in Switzerland on Lake Geneva.

If You Go Away- Ne Me Quitte Pas is one of Silvie’s favorite songs on the album. It shows Rider-Young’s passion for languages. This song displays her incredible talent of combining French lyrics with English verses to reach out to a more diverse audience.

Ave Maria is dedicated to Elsie Sears, the great Mom and Friend of the host family that Silvie stayed with when she was an AFS exchange student in U.S.A.. Silvie credits Elsie to supporting her discovery of inner-self and the Soul within that inspires her to create music.

The CD release party will be held on April 10th, 2014 at The Elephant Room , Austin, TX.U.S.A.