SILVIE RIDER-YOUNG JAZZ TRIO @ ABIA: Austin International Airport : February 21/2018

RADIO SWISS JAZZ : International World-class JazzStation in Switzerland

from CD-REVIENS…ARAB SPRING: playing again : Sunday, February 11/2018
next worldwide Airplay: 2/15/2018 – CD: REVIENS….Arab Spring : ‘Beautiful Love’


Fredericksburg, TX .U.S.A.

Friday, Dec 8th: Red Young (former Eric Burdon & The Animals) with the Swiss Chansoniere Silvie Rider – Young. Live worldwide Radio Remote on and KFAN 107.9 FM


with special Guest: Silvie Rider-Young : Vocals

RED YOUNG: Piano – Spiritus Rectus
SILVIE RIDER-YOUNG: Special Guest, Vocals
ROSCOE BECK : Bass (former Leonard Cohen)



October 11, 2017 7:00 PM -9 PM @ Juliettte Italien Kitchen – Austin, U.S.A.

You have heard his work on recordings by Joan Armatrading, Dolly Parton, Eric Burdon, Marcia Ball, Ray Benson, Kirk Fletcher, Janiva Magness and others; TV shows such as Everybody Loves Raymond, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Osbornes; Movies such as In The Line Of Fire and Indecent Proposal; Live performances from Austin City Limits (Eric Burdon. Amos Lee), HBO (Linda Ronstadt-Nelson Riddle), Rockpalast (Joan Armatrading, Eric Burdon) and touring with Eric Burdon, Linda Ronstadt, Joan Armatrading, Sonny & Cher and others in countless performances around the world.

Being in the music business for his entire life, Red has put together his own groups that involve various skills and talents. If you want the big band sound then Red Young & His Hot Horns is it. Red on vocals, piano & organ, with drums, bass and horns doing Ray Charles, Jimmy Witherspoon, Percy Mayfield, Count Basie, Charles Mingus and original material by Red Young.

Red uses his many skills as performer, vocalist, arranger, producer and personality to bring all of his various groups to life. The consummate musician and visionary. Red has no musical boundaries. It’s always an enlightening and entertaining experience whenever you see a Red Young performance.

JazzFestival Zug: SWITZERLAND

Surprising guests are not announced. We break this rule for once and have welcomed Silvie Rider-Young as a special guest. On Friday evening, we will present a very extraordinary blues package together with Dani Meyer. Beside all the formations according to the program, Silvie Rider-Young is announced as a guest star. Silvie is an internationally recognized singer, composer and pianist. Born and grew up in Switzerland, she now lives in the USA and enjoys an extraordinary reputation as a musician in various disciplines.

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Jazz Night Zug – Das Jazz Festival in Zug

Überraschungssgäste kündigt man eigentlich nicht an. Wir brechen für einmal diese Regel und heissen Silvie Rider-Young als Special Guest herzlich Willkommen. Am Freitag Abend präsentieren wir in Zusammenarbeit mit Dani Meyer ein ganz ausserordentliches Blues-Paket. Neben all den Formationen gemäss Programm hat sich Silvie Rider-Young als Gastsängerin angesagt. Silvie ist eine international anerkannte Sängerin, Komponistin und Pianistin. Geboren und aufgewachsen in der Schweiz lebt sie heute in den USA und geniesst dort einen ausserordentlichen Ruf als Musikerin in verschiedenen Sparten.
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August, 24-25-26 2017Friday:August 25th , 10PM-11:30PM @ ZugerPlatz
KT &BLUES.SCIENTISTS: with special Guest Silvie Rider-YoungSaturday, August 26th @ Zugerberg
“SHANNIE” : with special Guest Silvie Rider-YoungAm Donnerstag 24. August startet die Zuger Zuger Jazz Nights!
Am Freitag 25. August ab 20:50 -23:30 werden meine Texaner Musicians die Schwanenplatz Buehne in Beschlag nehmen:
– ShAnnie (Fredericksburg), KT & The Blues Scientists (Abilene,TX) und als very special guest Silvie Rider Young (Austin, TX/ Bern CH) und meine Wenigkeit wird auch mitspielen fuer ein paar Songs.
DANN special event: am SAMSTAG 26 August ab 18:00 werden ShAnnie und Silvie Rider ein Zusatzkonzert acoustic im Vorderegeissboden geben!

August, 24-25-26 2017

Friday: August 25th, 10 PM-11:30 PM @ ZugerPlatz
KT & BLUES.SCIENTISTS: with special guest Silvie Rider-Young

Saturday, August 26th @ Zugerberg
“SHANNIE”: with special guest Silvie Rider-Young

On Thursday, August 24, Zuger Zuger Jazz Nights!

On Friday 25 August from 20:50 -23: 30 the Texas Musicians will take over Schwanenplatz Buehne:
– ShAnnie (Fredericksburg), KT & The Blues Scientists (Abilene, TX) and as a very special guest Silvie Rider Young (Austin, TX / Berne CH) and my little one will also play for a few songs.

July 31-6 Years MonkeyNest by Todd V Wolfson


Monday, July 31/2017 8pm-9:30pm | Hosted by TODD V WOLFSON – 6 Years Celebration


From the host:

“i have been wanting Silvie Rider Young to come do a Monkey Nest Coffee Jam with me, and now it is gonna happen !!!!!!”

“Red Young is one of my musical heroes. He has played keys with and made music with folks
that blows my mind. from Joan Armatrading, Eric Burdon, Nelson Riddle, Dolly..
… Red’s a wonderful composer, arranger & singer. can’t wait to jam with him and Silvie Rider Young !”


Watch the show!

John Loughran:

Nomad City Band The Resentments Monte Warden and The Dangerous Few Seela Misra Los Coast Boss Street Brass Band The Lost Pines Paul Nipper Music Candy Coburn Paul Renna Red Young and His Hot Horns Silvie Rider Young Friends To The End

Thanksgiving Celebration with Red and Silvie Young

Feedback from Ken Slavin

Silvie Rider Young sang “Autumn Leaves” in French. She is a wonderful singer, musician and entertainer.

Ken Slavin

Magic Town Music Festival

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Photo of City in Mexico-San Miguel de Allende
March 13-15, 2015

“MTMF” -MAGIC TOWN MUSIC FESTIVAL- MEXICO – San Miguel de Allende : 2014-2015-2016
Benefit for Kids and their Moms- Casa de Angelo : Founders Rusty Henson & Carrie Cameron


RADIO SWISS JAZZ: CD-Tipp of February 2016 -Silvie Rider-Young:” Reviens…Arab Spring”

Obwohl Silvie Rider-Young schon lange in Texas lebt, kann sie ihre Schweizer Wurzeln nicht verbergen. Das muss sie auch nicht. Ihre Vertrautheit mit der französischen Sprache beweist sie eindrücklich auf ihrem neuen Album «Reviens – Arab Spring». Inmitten der Titel, welche sie auf Englisch singt, zeigt die Thunerin mit Edith Piaf-Chansons wie «Milord», «Non, je ne regrette rien» oder «La vie en rose», dass sie mit ihrer dynamischen und starken Stimme eine breite Palette von Musikstilen vielseitig interpretieren kann.

Für die Menschen in ihrer Wahlheimat Texas, wo Silvie Rider-Young seit ihrer Heirat mit dem amerikanischen Pianisten und Organisten Red Young lebt, dürften die französischen Chansons auf dem Album etwas exotisch wirken. Dennoch ist es die Mischung der französisch gesungenen Nummern mit Standards wie «Beautiful love» (mit Bigband-Begleitung), welche der CD «Reviens – Arab Spring» eine besondere Note verleiht.

Den Titel des Songs «Arab Spring», welcher gleichzeitig der Name des Albums ist, schrieb Silvie Rider-Young 2014 für Malala Yousafzai, welche im gleichen Jahr den Friedensnobelpreis erhielt.

Even though Silvie Rider-Young is living for quite a while now in Texas, she can’t hide her Swiss roots and she does not have to. Her being very comfortable with the french language she proves this impressingly (strongly) with her new Album “Reviens-Arab Spring”.

Midst of all the Songs she sings in english, the musician shows with Edith Piaf-Chansons like “Milord” , “Non, je ne regrette rien” or ” La Vie en Roses” , that she has a wide palette of different Music styles she sings with her dynamic and strong Voice.

For the Listeners in her chosen Homeland Texas-Austin where Silvie Rider-Young is living since her marriage to the American Pianist and Organist Red Young, the french Chansons might sound quite exotic. But it is the mixture of the french Songs together with Standards like “Beautiful Love” (with Big Band Arrangement) which are giving the CD ‘Reviens-Arab Spring” the special touch. Read More

REVIEW by SCOTT YANOW, to be released in June 2014 at the

Reviens is singer and songwriter Silvie Rider-Young’s second CD since moving to Austin, Texas with her husband pianist-organist Red Young in 2007. Ms. Young was born and raised in Switzerland, had classical piano lessons from the age of nine, and at 18 was inspired to become a jazz singer after seeing Betty Carter perform. She performed throughout Europe and Japan with her own bands before her relocation to the U.S., and has since been an active performer in the United States. Her American debut CD was 2010’s Je Te Connais.

In 2010, Rider-Young performed at an Edith Piaf tribute. Five of those songs are included on Reviens along with two classical pieces, a few jazz standards, and three originals on which she wrote the music and the lyrics. She is joined by two rhythm sections that feature Red Young on piano and organ, plus guest horn players on five of the 15 selections.

The music on Reviens covers a wide range of styles. The program begins with Charlie Chaplin’s “Smile” which has Silvie Rider-Young displaying a fetching voice with a straightforward and warm delivery. Trumpeter Ephraim Owens is a strong asset on that performance. A medium-tempo version of “Beautiful Love” benefits from the use of two trombonists (Andre Hayward and Mike Mordecai) on an inventive arrangement that has them playing behind both the vocal and the piano solo. “Padam,” “Milord,” “No Regrets,” “Hymne A Lamour,” and “La Vie En Rose” are from the Edith Piaf tribute and display Silvie Rider-Young’s comfort at singing French Chanson music and emotional ballads, giving the music plenty of honest feeling.

“Angel Eyes, with Sam Lipman on tenor, has Rider-Young getting pretty passionate during an extroverted and expressive rendition. Her original “6000 Miles Away” is an intense love song to her husband. She also performs “You Go To My Head” (with Mike Malone helping out on tenor), “Reviens” (a piece in which the singer wrote the French lyrics which translates to “Come Back Please”), the dramatic “If You Go Away,” and the assertive “You Got The Key to My Heart” (with Red Young prominent on organ). In her composition “Arab Spring,” she honors the courage of Malala to stand up for both education and women. Rider-Young plays piano on “You Go To My Head” and a sensitive version of Bach’s “Ave Maria,” clearly enjoying performing with the two masterful bassists John Fremgen and Daniel Durham.

Whether it is jazz, ballads or Edith Piaf songs, Silvie Rider-Young‘s voice sounds beautiful and powerful throughout Reviens. It is well worth exploring.

Scott Yanow, author of 11 books including The Jazz Singers, The Great Jazz Guitarists, Jazz On Film and Jazz On Record 1917-76
Download the PDF Version

Jeff Williams: Kari-On Productions LLC.

Dear Silvie:
Congratulations on your new CD! After listening to each of the online samples of Reviens, we recognize the potential in Reviens to obtain quantifiable (provable & reusable) radio airplay and critic reviews.
The samples of Reviens contain a very unique combination of playing, singing and arrangements; the various techniques and styles you explore with your ensemble and your singing is very enjoyable. I really appreciate the playing and singing on “Beautiful Love;” outstanding feel, very nice phrasing of the melody, great vocal sound, and the music is very enjoyable.
We are a results driven promotions agency with a proven record of airplay placement and national charting with the American Jazz Charts, which include; terrestrial radio stations (NPR, Community and College), satellite radio stations, retail and television radio stations. Our 25 years of experience in many facets of the music industry offer much more than positive airplay and print outcomes; we also offer career building tools with our 3.0 media amenities and social networking promotions, which automatically come with the campaign at no additional charge. At Kari-On Productions, not only do you get results, you get the necessary re-branding to make the kind of impact needed to sell your CD, attract new fans and make an impression with industry decision makers.
Silvie, either Kari or I would invite the opportunity to talk with you to answer any of your questions about our services and to design a campaign that will obtain quantifiable results for your new release, Reviens.

Jeff Williams
Kari-On Productions LLC.


RADIO KUT : ” Views&Brews”

special Guest: Dr. Bette Oliver, Historian and Poet
University “Cafe Cactus”
UT Austin , Tx. U.S.A.
Tuesday,July 24,2012 //  6 – 7 PM//



Lunch with Masumi

lunch with masumi


This Year 2011 was and still is for me- a Year of working, finishing and writing-in Music
as well as in official Affairs as in permanent Residence and other important matters – always learning as well as enjoying-mostly out of the “public eye”-besides a couple of private nice Music Events and some good Studio and recording Time in Los Angeles.
so…Time to Celebrate…hopefully with all of you… !!!!

New Swiss-American Citizen : Silvie Rider-Young….!!!!
Yes!!! It is official!! I have to pay now my Taxes in the U.S.A.!!!
after a tough! but fair Procedere of The Naturalisation among with other Aliens from all over the World…Much Thanks to great Attorney at Law Paul Parsons and of course to my SoulMan the One and Only Red Young. CHEERS!!!


Mike Melone Saxofone Soprano & Tenor
Daniel Durham Contra Bass
Rob Kazenel Drums,Percussion

Date: Friday, November 25 (9:30 PM – 1.30 )AM
Where: The Elephant Room , Austin Downtown
315 Congress Ave.,

ABIA’s live music to hit 5,000th show

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Musicians play at five locations, 15 shows a week

AUSTIN (KXAN) – A big milestone happens Friday at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport — its 5,000th live music performance.
Jazz musicians Silvie Rider and Red Young will play on the Asleep at the Wheel stage, next to Ray Benson’s Roadhouse restaurant.
Travelers who will be in the airport from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. can catch the show.
Friday will be proclaimed DNC/ABIA 5000th Performance Day. The proclamation is scheduled for the Austin City Council meeting on Thursday night. Airport concessionaire Delaware North Companies Travel Hospitality Services has provided funding for all 5,000 performances. They are produced in cooperation with the city’s Aviation Department. The Music in the Air program has been playing at ABIA since 1999, started one month after the airport opened, with two shows per week. It has now grown to 13 shows a week and will expand to 15 per week in November. The program has become a model for other cities who are working to implement an airport music program, according to Terry Mahlum, DNC’s general manager and regional director.

Performances take place in five different locations in the airport:

Ray Bensonís Roadhouse
The Saxon Pub
Earl Campbellís Sports Bar
Austin City Limits/Waterloo Records & Video.

All live music venues are accessible to ticketed passengers only, after they have gone through the security checkpoints.

Click here to view the ABIA performance schedule

Blog by Harriet Baskas

FEEDBACK from Bryan Farrish Radio Station in Santa Monica, California

written by Kenny Madrid, June 2011

June Caldwell, Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion
Artist: Silvie Rider
Album: Je Te Connais

This elegant and classy album feels as if it were recorded live, in a smoky joint once frequented by the Rat Pack. No two songs alike, Silvie Rider experiments with everything from synthesizers to Spanish guitar solos, all while tugging on the heart strings of the listeners.

Track 2 No Worry, No Hurryñ This song takes a turn for the silkier. Scat is bolstered by a sweet harmonization of the background vocals. A synthesizer fuses old school with new school jazz as elegantly as anyone has done.

Track 3 Les Feuilles Mortes/Autumn Leaves ñ The best way that one can describe this track is that it feels like love and loss all wrapped into one. It takes the listener on a sultry roller-coaster finish with the listener’s hair blown and slicked back in a better style than it began.

Track 11 Nature Boy ñ This track moves from a cigar filled bar, to a distant waterfall. Experimenting with rainmakers and other earthy instruments, this song seamlessly transitions into a remake Nat King Cole’s “Nature Boy” giving this song a spin that not even Moulin Rouge could live up to.

Reviewed by Kenny Madrid of Bryan Farris Radio Promotions

Musically, June Caldwell, Radio Promotion Consultant, Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion 1828 Broadway, 2nd floor, Ste. C Santa Monica, CA 90404 P: 310-998-8305, Ext. 19 F: 310-998 8323 *Bringing new music to radio since 1998*

JazzCorner News – March 2011

Bass: Rocky Knauer, Voice: Silvie Rider

by Robert Sutton
Link to review
Texas-based jazz vocalist Silvie Rider impresses with both English and French on new CD

To jazz vocalist Silvie Rider, the universal language of music is bilingual. On her new album Je Te Connais, Rider effortlessly sings in English and French, losing no emotional weight with either one. It’s no gimmick or arty pretension; they are merely flip sides of her talent, like a baseball player who can swing the bat from either side.
Rider is a commanding presence, her voice literally demanding attention with whatever tone she chooses to utilize. On her own composition, “No Worry No Hurry,” Rider is playful, her smoky vocals leading on Red Young’s swirling Hammond B3 organ.
In her version of Cole Porter’s “Everytime We Say Goodbye,” Rider is both melancholy and sultry, her feelings of romantic longing perfectly complemented by Lon Price’s crestfallen saxophone and Young’s loving piano.

Born and raised in Switzerland, Rider’s passion for music was inherited from her family, but it cut deeper than that, reaching into the recesses of her soul. “When I was six-years-old, I was visiting my Aunt Helen and uncle’s pastor (Fritz Brechtbuehl’s) at their house in Murten, Switzerland for a few days. There was a piano, and I started playing and listening to tones and sounds of the piano for hours it seemed to me. I was enchanted and absolutely mesmerized; it just felt great and right, like discovering home,” Rider remembered. “This feeling never left me. I dragged my parents to let me learn how to play the piano and then finally, at 9-years-old, I got classical piano lessons from a musician friend of my dad (Franz Sumi, a great accordion player). My dad is an accomplished accordionist and loves to play music, so yes, music is in the family.”

Throughout the years Rider’s relationship with music took on a more spiritual context. “My views on music grow generally wider and deeper by expanding my perspectives and necessary personal growth on many levels,” Rider explained. “The practice of meditation and consciousness is essential to me, too, as is reading a lot and training my body, soul, and spirit.” Nevertheless, her goals for Je Te Connais are grounded in a business sense as well. “A record deal or a booking agency is nice, too,” she said.

Review in The Los Angeles Jazz Scene – May 2010

by Scott Yanow
Link to review

Silvie Rider, who is from Switzerland, is classically trained. She earned a teaching degree, spent time performing in Munich, and recorded several albums. After meeting pianist-organist Red Young in 2006, they were married and now are based out of Austin, Texas. Je Te Connais features the singer performing in both English and French with the highlights including a sensuous version of ìI Love Paris,î ìAutumn Leaves,î ìGiant Stepsî and ìNature Boy.î She also sings two of her originals, a few poppish and cabaret numbers, and some beautiful ballads. With fine accompaniment by Red Young, a rhythm section and occasional horn players (including trumpeter Ephraim Owens and flutist Alex Coke) Silvie Rider’s American debut features the singer in fine form, full of enthusiasm, and displaying her versatility and warmth. This set is available from

Live on the ” KOOP 91.7″ RADIO SHOW with TED BRANSON

Under the X in Texas
Tuesday,10-11PM , November 23rd 2010
INTERVIEW & live SONGS played by special Guests: SILVIE RIDER & RED YOUNG
featuring the Album “Je Te Connais” as well as new Concerts/gigs/ actuell Projects…and more….

Review at – May 2010

by C. Michael Bailey
Link to review

Munich borne Silvie Rider moved to her husband’s (Red Young) home of Austin, Texas and recorded a half-Anglophone/half-Francophone album. If that is not the top of multicultural blending, then nothing is. Okay, but first, who is Red Young? Oddly, he would be the keyboard player of late of Eric Burdon and the Animals. Could this story grow stranger? Perhaps, only if Tiny Tim made an appearance and, gratefully, that did not happen. And if that is not enough, this is all taking place in the State of Texas, no less. With the female jazz vocalist market drowning in recordings, it would be criminal not to listen to all of them, as few of them are really bad. Broad listening better clarifies what is a good release and what is an exceptional one.

Silvie Rider’s debut, Je Te Connais (“I Know You”) is a European breath of fresh air. Her lightly accented English gives her breathy purr a hurricane’s worth of sex appeal. Couple this with husband Red Young’s keen arrangements, and Je Te Connais becomes a jazz vocal offering that rises to the top for attention. The opener, “I Love Paris” is a perfect beginning to this collection. Singing in French and English, Rider imparts a sharp sophistication to the standard. The original “No Worry, No Hurry” showcases Rider’s thick sensuality over a strutting, confident piano line. Young’s organ playing produces a complex mix that swirls.

“Autumn Leaves” is given a like presentation, with Alex Coke’s flute spicing things up nicely, giving a sharp citrus edge to Rider’s humid, languid vocals. The title piece, a Rider original, is all Serge Gainsbourg, from the whispered-spoken French introduction over a mantra beat to the lush orchestration. “Everytime We Say Good Bye,” “Tomorrow Never Knows,” and “My Foolish Heart” make up the ballad core of the recording. Rider’s voice is elastic like Betty Carter’s, and all- knowing and informed like Edith Piaf. Rider and the The Beatles both benefit of Young’s arrangement of “Tomorrow Never Knows,” with the singer’s voice doubling the propulsive head.

Rider spins John Coltrane’s “Giant Steps” into the disc’s highlight, backed brightly by Young and Sam Lipman, who plays an autumn-dry saxophone Rider scats with the best of them on this exceeding difficult song. Alex Cook’s bass flute introduces a spooky, smokyt closer, “Nature Boy,” summing up the proceedings with the same drowsy sexuality that permeates the disc from beginning to end. Je Te Connais delivers on all entertainment fronts.

PR letter – May 2010

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JAZZFEST MUENCHEN, 20 Jahre J.I.M., 2009!

silve rider - red young 2009
SILVIE RIDER & RED YOUNG (Oct.15th 2009)
live recording by BR.Bayrischer Rundfunk and Interview by Beate Sampson, played on air, BR 4 CLASSIC, January 2010 BR LIVE Concert, JAZZFEST MUENCHEN, 20Jahre J.I.M. 0ct.15-18th 2009, “SILVIE RIDER&RED YOUNG” on air 2.2.2010, click Link BR 4 Classic

Jazzfest Muenchen 2004


Jazzfest Muenchen 1999

silve jazz 99

Kaleidoskop – Silvie Rider – Wach bleiben