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silviecontact2You can book the Silvie Rider-Young Trio for public and private Events, Festivals ,Clubs , ART&Cultural Events and so on. Other possible Formations: Duo/ Quartet/Quintet up to BIG BAND/Classical-String-Chamber Music/Orchestra/Formations.

Silvie’s beautiful voice will mesmerize you and add the perfect sophisticated feel. She enjoys singing classic jazz, up-tempo songs, ballades and French chanson.

LOS ANGELES JAZZ SCENE: Review by Scott Yanow , Author&Jazz Historian
Singer and Songwriter Silvie Rider-Young:
Whether it is jazz, ballads,originals or Edith Piaf songs,
Silvie Rider-Young’s voice sounds beautiful and powerful,giving the Music plenty of
honest feeling.

Silvie’s latest Album “REVIENS-Arab Spring” was elected The “CD of February ” 2016!You can hear her Songs played from SILVIE RIDER- SILVIE RIDER-YOUNG latest two Albums- “JE TE CONNAIS” and “REVIENS…Arab Spring” ,  produced in The U.S.A. 

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You can BUY Silvie’s new CD at:
Waterloo Records
600 A N Lamar Blvd. Austin,Tx.78703 , U.S.A.

Contact her today!

Silvie Rider-Young
Phone. +1 (512) 916-1120

Silvie Rider-Young & Red Young Productions
PO Box 40336
Austin, TX 78704
For more information about Silvie’s U.S. DEBUT CD “JE TE CONNAIS” visit: RIDER-YOUNG – former SILVIE RIDER


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