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Authentic VOICE Workshop

Improvisation in Jazz, Pop & Rock

Saturday, November 22nd 2014 // 11:30 AM – 5 PM

Designed for Singers, Musicians & Performers at any level: Welcome – Bienvenue! This Workshop will take you to your next level, integrating your improvisation skills for your stage performance!!

To bring: a blanket or mat (as in Pilates or Yoga)
– Please wear comfortable cloths.

– A song of your choice that you would like to perform. (please bring music notes or playback)

Concept of the Workshop:

  • Warming up
  • Integral body voice breathing exercises.
  • Grounding your rhythm body phrasing expression.
  • Different rhythm and phrasing.
  • Exercises in a dynamic and fun way.
  • Exercises in efficient phrasing with sounds and lyrics.
  • Pulsing: as for bass players and as in the Tschekov Acting School Method.
  • Free choice:  performing a Song or two of your choice: Feedback/Improvement Exercises.

END of Workshop

Adult Price: $99 USD

Student Price: $75 USD
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Voice Lessons

FREE: 1st Visit For Information
Full Hour Adult: $ 75.-
Full Hour Student : $ 65.-
45 min : $ 50.-
30 min : $ 40.-
Special Discount: 5 lessons /hour : $300.-

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Piano Lessons

FREE: 1st Visit For a Piano Information
Full Hour : $ 60.-
45 min : $45.-
30 min : $ 30.-
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Excellent Piano Teacher

4 5 1
Silvie is a wonderful teacher! I highly recommend taking lessons from her.

Voice/piano lessons

5 5 1
My 9 year old has been taking voice and piano lessons from Silvie for about a year now. My child went from never playing a note previously to mastering several songs with varing degrees of difficulty. Silvie not only teaches the mechanical fundamentals of playing and singing, but also how to play with heart. She instructs on how to breathe properly and focus your body to feel the music you play . We feel very fortunate to have Silvie as our child's instructor, we would recommend her to anyone.

A Great Teacher

5 5 1
Silvie is an amazing teacher. I have improve greatly since I started having classes with her. She's so kind and talented, she always wants you to be better. In one class she helped me to prepare for an audition and I was invited to participate in the play. If you are looking for a piano or voice teacher, there's no better choice than her!

My Piano Teacher

5 5 1
Dear Ms. Sylvie, Thank you so much for being my piano teacher. I say "piano teacher" because that's your official job title, but it doesn't do you justice. That's not all you are. You are a mentor, a guide, a cheerleader, a listener, and a role model. I recently realized that 1 have never told you how much what you do means to me. Coming to my piano lesson is one of the highlights of my week, because you always make it a positive experience. No matter how I feel when I enter your classroom, I leave each class feeling happy and excited. You are always friendly and happy to greet me, regardless of how you may be feeling that day. When you seem so excited to see me and ask me about how I'm doing, it shows that you truly care about me. I can't say it enough: You are authentic, and you genuinely care about me, and that means more to me than you know. You remember things I tell you about my life and my family. You make music something I can relate to. You can tell when I need a break, I'm tired, or I especially enjoy the song I'm learning. I really love that you always seem to have the perfect solution when I just can't seem to "get" part of a song. It's not just that you truly care about me you're also an amazing teacher. You have so much knowledge and advice to share from both your musical journey and your life. Because of you, I have grown to love playing the piano more than I ever thought I would. When I look back on where I used to be, I can clearly see how tremendously my technical ability and love of music have grown since I started working with you. For all the reasons I have listed, for everything that you do, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Sincerely,


5 5 1
Silvie rider young is an amazing coach. Very sweet very kind and a bright individual. She has helped me achieve more than I could have with any other vocal instructer.


5 5 1
Silvie is my vocal teacher right now. I have learned so much from her and can hear the improvement in my voice. Apart from voice lessons we are going to work towards performing and composing. She does everything! So awesome!

Voice Teacher

5 5 1
Sylvie has been my voice teacher for about a year, helping me strengthen my voice and, as we've been singing French songs, improve my pronunciation in French. She is an excellent and caring teacher for anyone looking for personalized voice lessons in English or French!

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